Basics of Content Marketing Strategies

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Content marketing strategies

Hello guys we are back with an awesome article that you would love to read which will help you earn money being a student or if you want to earn money as a part time employee, Content Marketing is one of the best and effective ways to earn money online right from your home, we are going to discuss all about content marketing strategies below.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is way to turn every piece of content that you write in to money. Don’t worry if you are very new to this as we will help you from very beginning to the end clearly.

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Where to start?

Content marketing strategies
Content marketing strategies

So, this is question that may have been moving in your head when you read above line right…! So, start with learning, start with research, start by writing.

Start with Learning: You have to decide at very beginning that which topic I have to write on and choose the best topic that you are interested in as later you can move to multiple niches. Google and YouTube are your best friends at this point, learn from them as they are free and open sources to learn, that will make you earn your first bucks from content marketing.

Start with Research: Do not stop just with the learning but you can also do research to get in depth knowledge on particular niche.

Start Writing: The best way to sharpen your skills is nothing but experimenting, practicing what you have learnt. At this point you have been thinking that where to write? You can write on Quora or you can simply start your own blog if you are a student and cannot afford your own WordPress or custom domain then you can go with free Blog Spot domain from Remember one thing is that whatever the platform that you are using to practice it doesn’t matter, what matters the most is your practice.

After you have completed all the above stuff create your portfolio website or blog with your best write up or content that you have wrote while practicing.

Make sure that content or link to content that you are mentioning in your portfolio is best of best and impressive so that you will soon be getting money for your write up in which I am going to discuss in my next article, this is Kiran Kumar Chowdary from Technokiran and will be back with next part of the article soon. Stay updated with me.

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